Welcome to the new VonTrapps.com

Welcome to the new VonTrapps.com, a blog devoted to beer, food and all the info men need to improve your lives. My mother used to always say that a well fed man with a buzz is a happy man. My mom was a wise woman.

What sort of things can you expect from the new VonTrapps blog?

  1. Lets talk beer! I’m a big beer fan but then again who isn’t. Like many men I’m almost obsessed with trying new beer. When I travel long distances I make it a point to stop by liquor stores and stock up on the regional favorites. I’ll be reviewing the hits and misses that I find along my travels.
  2. Lets talk food! Just like beer, I’m always on the hunt for regional favorites. Whether that’s favorite restaurants or foods that are unique to one particular region.
  3. Lets talk tips! Many of you might be familiar with LifeHacker.com or the Life Pro Tips sub-reddit where users are always sharing their favorite tips for improving certain aspects of your life. I’m a big fan of these kinds of information tidbits and I make it a point to try and incorporate those that I think apply to me. I’ll be sharing my success and failures as I add these to my routines.

If these topics sound like something that interest you I encourage you to follow us on Social Media and visit our site often. I know you’ll find some useful information.