Trendy and Amazing Women’s Tattoos You Should Consider

Woman With Japanese Tattoos

When it comes to women’s tattoos there are so many options out there that it can be at times hard to know which one you like to have inked on your skin. Tattoos speak for themselves and therefore your tattoo design should be something you have thought long and hard on as you cannot just bring out an eraser if you wake up the day after and realized you should have gone for the koi tattoo rather than the snake. If you are not sure what tattoo to choose here are some trendy and amazing women’s tattoo ideas you can consider.

Word Tattoos

Simple women's tattooFamily script tattoos offer a mental image of how you feel for your own family with the skin as the canvas. It could be the name of your parents or simply just “dad” or “mom” tells a lot already. If you have family that have always been there by your side consider permanently inking their name on your skin.

A Partner’s Name as Women’s Tattoos


This is not always a good idea because some relationships are not meant to last. However, if you really have a special someone that you think is going to go the distance for you what better way of showing your commitment back to him or her than a tattoo if their name on your arm.

Kid’s Name or Image as a Consideration as Women’s Tattoos

Kids' names as women's tattoosThere is nothing in life compared to having children. As a woman you know this for a fact. A tattoo of your children’s name is a good choice for parents looking for a clean looking tattoo. For women it serves as a testament of your love for your son or daughter. A simple font can easily make your tattoo standout among the more fancier scripts available out there. The love and responsibility that you feel for your little one is more than enough reason to have their names inked on your skin. A good alternative would be to tattoo your kid’s birthdays in their numerical form.

Deep Meaning

A life's mantra as women's tattooMany people especially women choose tattoos that are representative of a life changing experience they have had. They can be one-word virtues like faith; hope and love or they can also be a meaningful quote from a book, song or even from scripture. A survivor of cancer may choose to describe what they feel. “Survivor,” “Gratitude,” and “Smile” are pretty common choices. Some women’s tattoos also serve practical but life saving purposes such as information if one is diabetic, a rare blood type etc. are good options.

Symbolic Tattoos

Zodiac Sign

This is probably one of the most popular women’s tattoos out there and a safe bet always. If you do now want a lot of fanfare on this tattoo just ask your tattoo artist for the zodiac symbol for the star sign. If you prefer more detail then request for the animal too that is representative of your sign.


Expressing one's heritage as women's tattoo

If you feel a strong connection to your cultural heritage then a tattoo that relates to your culture is something you can consider. Italians may choose a simple cross while the Irish may opt for a four-leaf clover. If you are an admirer of Japanese culture you can opt for a very nicely done Japanese traditional tattoo on your calf or arm. Book an appointment with Paul Dhuey at Katana Tattoo to know more about different design options.

Lifestyle Influence

A bookworm's trendy women's tattoo

If you are into saving the whales or a proud vegetarian or just have pure passion in your life for a hobby, you can use that to inspire an image for your tattoo. Have a hard time thinking of an image? Just focus on what you are really passionate about and what image in your mind comes up every time you think about that.