Why a Trip to Walker MN is Worth It?

Leech Lake Minnesota

Guys, Lake Walker MN is a Great Place to Get Away

Minnesota is a state with lots of beautiful small towns but there is one particular town that is loved by many but known only to a few people.  About ten thousand years ago there was a massive glacier that rested at the edge of the valley and as it receded it would eventually become the hills of this beautiful town. Not many people know that the bedrock that rests beneath it is one of the oldest on the planet.

Rich History

Walker Minnesota has a rich history that is deep with American Indian lore.  The Chippewa Indians lived in the area for hundreds of years but by 1895 the place has become a small settlement that consisted of tradesmen and lumberjacks. The town received its incorporation as a city in 1896 and not long after many people flocked to it to enjoy the view and the lakes.


Walker is located in Northern Minnesota particularly in Cass County, the drive there is always peaceful.  It is also located on Leech Lake Minnesota’s 3rd biggest lake and the area is an excellent place to enjoy a summer vacation.  There are even some amazing cabin rentals in Northern Minnesota on the lake. Leech Lake is a favorite area to catch a number of fish like the largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie perch and the sunfish.  Even during winter, the fishing never stops as anglers fish through the frozen ice looking for eelpout, which is a kind of freshwater cod.  Evert February, the city hosts the International Eelpout Festival which is a 3 day event so popular that ten thousand anglers show up to participate. This event starts out in Walker City Park with a ceremonial torch-lighting ceremony and eelpout derby. This is then followed by fishing contests held all throughout the weekend. People have so much fun that they even jump on the icy cold lake.

Loon Lodge on Leech Lake
Loon Lodge, where we stay on our trips to Northern Minnesota or Leech Lake! Beautiful place and surroundings.

Hiking Trails

Walker is an area with lots of panoramic views of the lake and of course hiking trails galore.  The Shingnobee Recreation Area for instance is one such place that you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. There is an area for skiing, which are very well groomed with the trails clearly marked for level of difficulty.

If you are thinking of visiting Minnesota soon, make Walker one of your priority stops; you will love its small town feel and friendly and hospitable residents.